This studio was founded with a lot of courage, and a little spark of madness to fulfill one mission: We should never be afraid to be unapologetically ourselves and share our vision with the world.

For those who live a life of passion, because we who truly live this way know it’s not a choice, but an obligation. Daydreamers, go-doers, and speak-up-for-what-you-believers; I serve you. If you’ve never felt like you’ve had a voice, just discovering your voice, or want to shout your mission from the mountain tops; I serve you. Castle-builders, romancers, stargazers, and vision-seekers alike; I serve you. 



Clover Cannabis Co. Logo

Custom Logotype

CollectiveArts – 01

Packaging Concept

Xoa – brand extension

Brand Extension


Feeling inspired and ready to dive in but not quite sure what you need? I offer a variety of packages and à la carte offerings so you get the most bang for your buck.


Whether you're just starting out or need a facelift. The Logo Design package is perfect if you have a limited budget.

Investment: Starting at $1,000
Includes: Custom logotype, option to add custom brandmark, multiple colors, simple file usage guide, multiple file formats, & full ownership


Ready to invest a little more and take your brand to next level? Or maybe you're just getting started and ready to make a splash? This package includes:

Investment: Starting at $3,000
Includes: Brand research, custom logotype, option to add brandmark, color palette, brand fonts, simple brand guides, multiple file formats, business cards & full ownership


This package is perfect if you're ready to make a solid investment in growing your brand or building from the ground up.

Investment: Starting at $4,500
Includes: Brand research, multiple logotype formats, option to add brandmark, color palette, brand fonts, patterns/textures, comprehensive brand guides, multiple file formats, business cards, social media package & full ownership


Have something else in mind?
I've got you covered.

Art Direction, Creative Consulting, Editorial Design, Hand Lettering, Custom Typography, Typeface Design, Packaging, Web Design, Iconography, Illustration, Social Curation, Content Creation, Wayfinding, Signage, Print & Collateral, Marketing Materials 

*Pricing varies


I'm here to help inspire you to share your vision. Because frankly, the world needs more of it. The world needs more of you.

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